November 24, 2022

Some things change. This never does.

So much is happening in the markets, in the economy, in the world. As a financial advisor, even as more things change, they really just remain the same. We ask questions. We listen. We ask more questions. We listen more. We go deeper. We look our prospects, friends, and clients in the eye, telling them that we’re here to help, acknowledging what’s most important. And then, we get to work, implementing solutions that give them a clear path to reaching those goals. Times change, and so do the words we use, but the sentiment never falters. In 1995, it was, […]
November 17, 2022

How much is enough?

How much is enough? I got together with a client and friend for lunch yesterday. He shared his most recent successes. Mike is someone who I like and respect. He started his company out of his garage at only 18 years old before heading off to Vanderbilt for college. Over the first 15 years of his company’s operation, he took only $1 million dollars total out of the business – but quickly put it all back in. Then, four years ago, private equity came in. BOOM! His 40 percent stake was worth $30 million. And just two weeks ago, Boom! It […]
November 10, 2022

Friday Thoughts: Ten years of choices, and this one stands out

Last week, we celebrated the ten-year anniversary of our firm. (Although our actual anniversary is November 30th.) What made last week so special was not just celebrating the firm’s success over these ten years (or 3,650 days – but who’s counting?!). More than that, it was such a golden occasion because I got to see all of our people together. From near and far, they traveled in from all over the country just for the momentous event. Friends and peers acknowledged our success with thoughtfully written notes, gift baskets, and more than a few bottles of wine. As busy as I […]
November 3, 2022

As my firm turns ten years old, here’s what I’ve learned.

In 2010, I decided that the firm where I worked, where I’d started and spent my entire career, was no longer a fit. It was a decision I did not take lightly. I also had NO idea what to do about it or where I wanted to go. But what I did know was: I was not afraid of a fight. I wanted to work hard. Feeling like I was growing was important. Entrepreneurship was definitely for me. I believed in myself, And also believed in teamwork and partnerships. Deep down, I knew I could do more and be more. […]
October 27, 2022

Friday Thoughts: Action vs. Inaction

In 1966, Manny came to this country not speaking any English. He enrolled at Hamilton High School in Los Angeles and began his life here in America. His first week, a young man showed up at school with a gun. Coming from Latin America, Manny had seen many things. Growing up, he’d always been taught to take action, whether in school, in life, or when there was a conflict. With that in mind, seeing this young man with a gun and the danger he presented, Manny moved quickly. He went right up to the boy, reached back, and swung as […]
October 20, 2022

Lessons from the Lone Survivor.

Have you heard of Marcus Luttrell, better known as the “Lone Survivor?” I’ve known Marcus for years now, first introduced through friends and then seeing him speak several times. For those who aren’t familiar, I’ll leave it to Wikipedia to fill you in: “Marcus Luttrell is a retired United States Navy SEAL who received the Navy Cross and Purple Heart for his actions in June 2005 against Taliban fighters during Operation Red Wings in which he was the lone survivor.” For some reason, he popped into my head this morning. Specifically, I recalled a talk he gave about ten years […]
October 13, 2022

Friday Thoughts – “You’re leaving me?”

“You’re leaving me?” “Just for a little while, buddy. We’ll hang out more at the house later today, I promise.” My son said that to me earlier this week while we were all on vacation. For whatever reason, it’s stuck with me. He saw my leaving the park for a little while with a buddy as “leaving him.” It shouldn’t be a big deal, right? But his words, the tone of his voice, keep echoing with me. What choices am I making today that are impacting the way he feels? How about the way he feels about our relationship? Is there anything […]
September 29, 2022

Enjoy your ______ experience.

This week, I had to travel and decided to fly using Jet Suite X (JSX). If you haven’t heard of it, Jet Suite X is a small commercial airline that flies out of a limited number of private airports. My particular flight was taking off from Phoenix and landing in Burbank. It was my first time flying JSX, and I found it to be quite a departure from the typical air travel grind. With Jet Suite X, I could arrive just 15 minutes before the flight. There were no long TSA lines or mobs of frustrated people. We boarded the plane right from […]
September 22, 2022

My clients gave me this surprising nickname…

A prospective client called me the day before we were set to meet. “Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday,” he said. “But I am not signing anything now – just looking to learn more.” No problem, I respect the honesty and there’s no rush at all for me. He and I sat down at a nice local restaurant and talked about his planning, his situation, and what was most important to him. We got to know each other well and had a great conversation about his financial future but also about life, family, kids, and the lot. Soon, he asked […]
September 15, 2022

Loyalty, Consistency, & the Space In Between

What’s the difference between loyalty and blind loyalty? I’ve given this topic a lot of thought lately. We all value loyalty: in friends, teammates, coworkers, and certainly in relationships. But at what point do we hold loyalty above all else? Is there a point where our allegiances become unhealthy, the price we have to pay just not worth it? First off, what is loyalty? (Because the word may mean different things to different people.) According to, the definition of ‘loyalty’ is: “The state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.” Or “An example or instance of […]
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