July 28, 2023

DOING the right thing.

Always try to put yourself and those around you in a position to win. Recently, one of my wife’s friends asked me while the kids were swimming in her pool, “Now what is it that you do again?” “I work with a small select group of individuals and business owners with regard to their financial affairs,” I replied. The conversation continued and I explained who we were and our methodology.. This particular family was with UBS and not happy with their service. So, with no “sales” material or “selling,” this family asked me if I could work with them. “Why […]
July 21, 2023

I am simply amazed.

I am simply amazed by what we can learn from our kids. As a father, I am VERY protective of my kids. I know you may be, too. But when it comes to my son, I have been even more protective, especially with the move and a lot of what he has been dealing with. We had some friends over the other day. One of their boys, Tim, used to be a close friend of my sons until an incident occurred a couple of years ago. I then “banished” that boy from his friendship circle and wouldn’t allow my son to […]
July 14, 2023

My first job.

The year was 1990. I had my first job when I was only 13, working at a Baskin Robbins in Los Angeles. The ice cream shop was close to my house so I would ride my single-speed black Schwinn bicycle to work every day. I loved it; the feeling of independence, the feeling of making my own money, being my own man. There is just no other feeling like that. Maybe you can relate? One evening, my boss decided to let me close the shop. I remember it like yesterday; the privilege of being able to be the last person there, counting […]
July 7, 2023

Never do anything for anyone…

Never do anything for anyone… expecting that they will do something for you in return. Never give… While keeping in the back of your mind that you may receive. Don’t do for others… with the hope that they will do for you.  Instead, do things for others because you want to, because you feel it, and it brings you joy. Stop thinking of relationships… as transactional.  Look, you shouldn’t allow people to take advantage of you. Only surround yourself with people that have your back, and you have theirs. And it’s perfectly alright to remind those around you that relationships […]
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