Our lending solutions for non-retirement accounts can allow clients to access liquidity without selling off assets or disrupting their investment strategies.

We offer a lineup of competitive solutions to help manage liquidity, enhance investment power, and help avoid the typical capital gains tax burden when selling appreciated positions to raise cash.

Securities-Based Consumer Line of Credit

Securities-based lending services allows you to:

  • Access to a line-of-credit for personal or business needs—from starting a business to consolidating debt—with no immediate requirement to disturb a single investment holding
  • Ability to borrow up to 60% or more of the market value of qualified securities at competitive interest rates with no established repayment term and no additional fees
  • Secured by qualifying, liquid assets held in your non-retirement investment account(s) custodied at Pershing
  • Interest is paid only on the outstanding amount borrowed from the line of credit

Line of Credit Rates

Standard line of credit rates are subject to change. Prime is a floating rate. Please inquire with your One Wealth Management Advisor.

Loan Amount

Non-Purpose Lending Grid: Current Prime Rate Plus

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