December 29, 2022

Drowning in information, starving for wisdom

Remember when there was no internet on an airplane? You actually had to read a book (not a Kindle or iPad), take a nap, or even…(gasp)…speak to your neighbor! How about when cell phones were like $8 dollars a minute? Do you recall when pagers were the most sophisticated form of communication? You still had to run to a pay phone once you got paged and drop in a dime (then a quarter) to return a call. We are all so connected these days. The phone is almost like another appendage for some people (I first typed ‘young people’ but […]
December 22, 2022

The rewards are golden.

Seven or eight years ago, while in Napa with my wife and a few friends, we met this couple. They were a little older than us and very pleasant. We chatted about life, their kids, and business – just a friendly conversation. Later that evening, I invited them to join us on our wine bus tour. They accepted and hung out with us throughout the tour. She was a stay-at-home mom but worked in the business, too. They were both from other areas of the country but found themselves living in Arizona, where they raised their children. After the tour, my wife exchanged […]
December 15, 2022

A state of grace.

In 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected President of South Africa. During the inauguration, he was surrounded by dignitaries and world leaders, celebrities, and heads of state alike. It was a special event that signaled the death knell of apartheid. The world watched. Mandela climbed up to the pulpit, adjusted the microphone, and spoke. The audience and everyone watching around the world expected him to recognize the many dignitaries in attendance, expound on his victory, or deliver vitriol toward his enemies. Instead, Mandela showed the world what grace looks like. He turned to his left, towards three white men in attendance, […]
December 8, 2022

Moving forward. Letting go.

Some relationships end. All relationships change. Often, it’s hard to let go. “You’re so brainwashed,” he said to me, and I knew our friendship had changed. I met up with some friends last week, some of which I had not seen in quite some time. It can be wonderful to meet up with old acquaintances, but also difficult when you see that you’ve grown apart. Still, you try, if nothing more than for the sake of your shared history, the good memories. You try to remember what it was that you had in common, what you went through together. But the […]
December 1, 2022

November 2022 Market & Economic Recap

Stocks Bolstered by a banner last day of November, the markets posted positive gains for the month. Through November, the major indices performed as follows: +5.3% Dow Jones +4.6% S&P 500 +3.3% Nasdaq Those returns technically pulled us out of a bear market, closing 20.4% higher than the recent low on September 30th of this year. The late rally was largely a reaction to remarks by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who signaled a 50-basis-point rate hike at the central bank’s December meeting. Inflation For October (latest data), the Consumer Price Index registered a 7.7% increase over the previous twelve […]
December 1, 2022

Adapt or become irrelevant.

Prior to when Uber and Lyft launched, taxis ruled the roads. Medallions to operate a taxicab were worth millions of dollars, kept for a lifetime, and then passed down to the younger generation. Taxis controlled transportation, from pick-ups at the airport to dictating the work commute and just about everything in between. Taxis had no real competition. But the quality of the product? That was average at best (as long as you arrived in one piece). The customer experience? Well, there really was none to note (unless you happened to sit in gum). And then…BOOM! Uber and Lyft arrived, completely changing the […]
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