June 15, 2018

What makes a great business?

What makes a great business? Personal services or pizza. What makes that business special? Is it the product or the people or both (feel free to answer by the way). Why? Our business (and some others) is based on the idea of intra-preneurship and collaborate self-employment. One does not work without the other. Neither can reach their potential without the relationship between the two. What does that mean to you? I believe that we must believe in and have faith in both the business and the process. The products will ALWAYS be there. But if the process is not followed, […]
June 8, 2018

Good morning from North Africa and Europe…..

Good morning from North Africa and Europe….. My first vacation I went on with my family was to Kauai. What makes the story interesting is not that is was Kauai. Many people go to Hawaii with their families all the time. I was a contestant on a game show called The Fun House. We won. We won BIG. My family couldn’t afford to go on vacation growing up. We visited Mammoth once. Skiing is expensive. My father was not around. My mother did the best she could. We were sitting in a shop and I was acting as I always […]
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